EGAT Mae Moh wins 3 awards from Thailand Coal Awards 2017

          EGAT Mae Moh won 3 winning prizes from Thailand Coal Awards 2017, emphasizing the best operation of coal and cooperation with community and society.

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          On August 2, 2017, H.E. General Anantaporn Karnchanarat chaired awards ceremony for the best organizations in coal business of Thailand. Mr. Thaworn Ngamganokwan, Deputy Governor-Fuel, and Mr. Nikul Silasuwan, Deputy Governor-Generation, as EGAT representatives received the awards at Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao, Bangkok.

          H.E. General Anantaporn Karnchanarat, Minister of Energy, stated that coal has been viewed in 2 different aspects. People in energy field think that coal is a good choice in the aspects of supply and transportation, but from consumer point of view, coal has cleanliness problem and environmental impact. He then requested cooperation from people in energy field to publicize to consumers that Ministry of Energy’s management considers energy stability, fair and competitive price, and environmental standard. From visiting Mae Moh Mine, he confirms that Mae Moh Mine’s environmental management makes communities happy and confident in its safety and universal standard of environment.

          “Now advanced technology can enhance coal to be both of fuel in industrial operation and power generation. The modern coal technology is effective and internationally certified that its working process does not have an impact on environment. Now many countries use coal as a main fuel to generate electricity such as Japan, United Stated of America, and many countries in Europe that have proportion of coal use more than 40 percent, while some countries with big power sources such as United Stated of America uses coal for security of power system. Therefore, using coal is not worrisome because things can be controlled by advanced technology.”

          In this year, EGAT received the total of 3 winning awards from Best Practice Category for “Mae Moh Lignite Mine”, Special Submission Category for “Distribution Bunker Cleaning Equipment” of EGAT’s Mae Moh Mine, and Corporate Social Responsibility Category for “The Environmental Collaboration for Sustainable Development in Mae Moh District” of EGAT’s Mah Moh Mine.

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          Mr. Thaworn Ngamganokwan stated that EGAT Mae moh received the awards as a result of continual improvement for more than 30 years and its hard work to develop EGAT Mae Moh to be accepted by Thai people by emphasizing on environmental-friendly working process for sustainable development. Society and community have to receive benefits from having EGAT Mae Moh in the vicinity where people can visit in every season. Moreover, as it has been mentioned by foreigners, EGAT works hard to develop EGAT Mae Moh as a tourist attraction and energy and environment learning center in the world class.

          Distribution Bunker Cleaning Equipment or coal clearing equipment won Special Submission Category. The equipment was derived from the attempt to improve performance, convenience, and safety in order to reduce losses from electricity generation with the amount of more than 200 million baht a year, which makes working process more stable and effective. EGAT has a policy to support innovation creating to improve performance continuously.

          Mr. Nikul Silasuwan stated that EGAT Mae Moh realizes the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). For social side, EGAT Mae Moh improves quality of life of local people by supporting education and culture. For economic part, EGAT Mae Moh supports employment of local people through occupational projects that produce potential personnel. At the same time, there are tourism support projects and products from coal by-product namely fly ash, ash, and gypsum which are transformed to make income for community. For environment part, with processing control, emissions monitoring, waste water treatment, reforestation, and check dam building, people in the vicinity can utilize natural resources, while the risk of forest fire in dry season is reduced.

          The 3rd Thailand Coal Awards 2017 was held by Department of Mineral Fuels to support coal business in compliance with universal standard without impact on environment and society as well as enhancing economic growth in ASEAN. For this year the awards are divided into 3 groups namely Best Practice Category, Corporate Submission Category, and Special Submission Category from which EGAT Mae Moh won 3 awards.