EGAT meets JEPIC to share information on electricity business

          EGAT – JEPIC further promoted the academic cooperation through the 10th knowledge exchange conference in Japan

20170622E 01

          Mr. Rum Herabat, Deputy Governor to Office of the governor, led EGAT team which was comprised of Mr. Sathit Krongsut, Director of Corporate Planning Division, Ms. Wilaiporn Kamabutara, Assistant Director of Fuel Management Division, and staff to attend the 10th EGAT – JEPIC Conference on June 5-7, 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. The conference with Japan Electric Power Information Center, Inc. (JEPIC) was held to exchange knowledge on electricity business and follow up the current situation. Mr. Zengo Aizawa, CEO and President of JEPIC welcomed the participants.

20170622E 02

          The Deputy Governor said that EGAT and JEPIC has confronted similar challenges in electricity industry. He hoped that knowledge exchange from this conference will handle and manage any risks that can happen in the future.

          In this conference, the two organizations discussed on Thailand’s renewable energy support especially solar rooftop, public acceptance, Japan’s strategy to balance environmental conservation and economic growth, power saving technology, efficiency improvement, and investment policy in Japan’s LNG market.

          After the conference, JEPIC invited EGAT team to visit Akagi Testing Center of CRIEPI. Dr. Shirabe Akita and Mr. Shigeru Kodama welcomed and escorted the team to see an implementation of electricity technology research such as solar cell, wind turbine, and equipment test including generators and pump storage system of Kannagawa hydropower plant owned by TEPCO, which is the second biggest pump storage hydropower plant in the world.