EGAT on standby for Sotika’s gas supply cut on February 3-12, 2017

          EGAT is confident that maintenance of Sotika gas field in Myanmar on February 3-12, 2017, lasting 10 days, will not affect the power users. Fully support measures and power – saving campaigns will enhance stability of electricity system.

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          Mr. Suthon Boonprasong, Deputy Governor – Transmission System said that PPT Public Company Limited informed gas supply cut from Sotika gas field due to its planned maintenance on February 3-12, 2017 totaling 10 days. Natural gas used as fuel to produce electricity will be lost from the system for 600 million cubic feet per day, resulting in shutdown of some gas – fired power plants with the total capacity of 3,500 MW including the power plant owned by Ratchaburi Power Co.,Ltd., some part of Ratchaburi Power Plant and Tri Energy Power Plant. These power plants need to switch to use imported liquefied Natural Gas (Liquefied Natural Gas : LNG), while Nong Saeng Power Plant and U-Thai Power Plant will use the natural gas from the Gulf of Thailand. Moreover, more power will be purchased from Laos.

          EGAT closely coordinates with PPT for the update of Sotika gas field maintenance. In early February as the demand for electricity is not very high, the security of power system can be maintained. However, cooperation from the public as well as the businesses in the area to reduce electricity consumption, especially during the natural gas supply cut, will enhance the stability of the electricity system.