EGAT signs a technical cooperation agreement with EDL

          EGAT Governor signed Memorandum of Understanding on Technical-Academic Cooperation with Electricite du Laos to enhance efficiency of power supply and generation system as well as strengthening the relationship between the two countries.

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          On March 18, 2017 at Xishuangbanna Hotel, Luang Prabang, Laos, Mr. Kornrasit Pakchotanon, EGAT Governor and Mr. Boon-Oum Siwanpeng, Director of EDL signed the MOU on technical-academic cooperation of hydropower plants between EDL and EGAT for the fourth phase. Mr. Nikul Silasuwan, EGAT Deputy Governor – Generation and Mr. Poo-Mee Netibandit, Deputy Director of EDL – Generation Company Limited witnessed the signing ceremony with the executives from the two organizations.

          Each MOU on technical-academic cooperation between EGAT and EDL lasts 5 years. The first phase started in 2002, while the second and third phases started in 2007 and 2012 respectively. The fourth phase beginning in 2017 covers cooperation on hydropower plant and transmission system. The earlier cooperation could bring about the greater efficiency and stability of generation and supply systems in Laos, while Thailand gains the benefit from knowledge exchange, both on technical and management aspects. Moreover, the cooperation between the two countries on the power business and relationship are further strengthened.

          On the same day, EDL and EGAT also signed the Annual Plan 2017 which was signed by Mr. Nikul Silasuwan, EGAT Deputy Governor – Generation and Mr. Poo-Mee Netibandit, Deputy Director of EDL – Generation Company Limited. The plan in each year is comprised of 7 programs including academic lecture, executive conference, training program, research and development, master degree scholarship, cooperation on operation and maintenance, and others. All of these programs were achieved as planned.

          The Deputy Director of EDL – Generation Company Limited said that EGAT and EDL have the continual good relationship, and the technical-academic cooperation on hydropower plants will develop the staff competency. This MOU signing will further enhance the relationship between the two organizations. He also hopes that the next generation of executives will further support the cooperation.

          Mr. Kornrasit Pakchotanon, EGAT Governor expressed his sincere thanks to EDL for the warm welcome. The long-lasting cooperation can bring the tangible result, and in the future the cooperation on other aspects that are in the global trend including renewable energy, will be implemented. As the power demand grows, many development is needed such as price stability, smart grid system, and backup system. The long relationship on power business between EDL and EGAT is regarded very valuable and should be recorded in the history. That is why the book “Laos-Thai Friendship” was written and published in 2 languages, to gather and keep all memories regarding the relationship and cooperation on power business between the two countries.

          Mr. Thaworn Ngamganokwan, EGAT Deputy Governor – Fuel said that Hongsa-Lignite Project is another cooperation on fuel between Thailand and Laos. The cooperation needs to be expanded to cover renewable energy and others for the development and strength of the two countries.

          Mr. Nikul Silasuwan, EGAT Deputy Governor – Generation said that one of the cooperation aims is to train the staff of both organizations who will work for operation and maintenance of the power plants in Laos together.

          After the signing ceremony ended, the video showing the song “Laos-Thai, we are friends” was presented. The book “Laos-Thai Friendship” can be downloaded at