EGAT signs MOU with Marubeni Corporation on Digital Power Solution

          EGAT and Marubeni Corporation signed the Memorandum of Understanding for adopting Digital Power Solution in power plants, which will increase their capability in the digital era under the Government’s Thailand 4.0 vision.

20171004E 01

          On September 25, 2017 at Conference Room 203, Governor Building, EGAT Headquarters, Mr. Kornrasit Pakchotanon, EGAT Governor and Mr. Fumiya Kokubu, President and CEO of Marubeni Corporation chaired the MOU signing ceremony on the cooperation between EGAT and Marubeni to adopt Digital Power Solution in EGAT power plants. The MOU signees were Mr. Nikul Silasuwan, EGAT Deputy Governor – Generation and Mr. Hirohisa Miyata, Chief Operating Officer of Marubeni, while the witnesses were Mr. Seree La-ongutai, EGAT Director of Production Efficiency Division and Mr. Masayuki Kurihara, Marubini General Manager.

20171004E 02

          The EGAT Governor had expressed his sincere thanks to Marubeni Corporation for the cooperation to install Digital Power Solution system in EGAT power plants, and Mae Moh Power Plant will be EGAT first power plant to be installed by this system. Digital Power Solution is intelligence software that helps predict various data of the power plants such as operation data and equipment data. All the data will be assessed for operation and maintenance work, which will reduce the loss during generation process and improve the power plants’ efficiency. If Mae Moh Power Plant can operate well with this system, it will be further adopted in other EGAT power plants.

20171004E 03

          The President and CEO of Marubeni Corporation said that this MOU signing is the cooperation between Marubeni Corporation and EGAT for adopting Digital Power Solution to strengthen and expand EGAT power plant business in the digital era with advanced technology in compliance with the Thai Government’s Energy 4.0. This MOU signing is also the beginning of the further cooperation and good relationship in the future.