Egg Board meets to resolve falling egg prices

In the move to resolve over supply in the egg market and falling prices, the Egg Board meets today to work out immediate measures to help egg farmers.

The meeting is chaired by Commerce Minister Sonthirat Sonthi-Jirawong.

It is expected that the meeting will approve the issuance of an announcement to control imports of breeding stocks under the Export and Import of Goods Act B.E.2522.

Under announcement, the number of imported roosters and hens for breeding will be restricted.

But for short term solution, the Commerce Ministry will urgently help small-scale chicken farmers through the distribution of their eggs to the government Blue Flag outlets to absorb incoming egg supplies.

The ministry will also allow chicken farmers to sell their eggs directly to customers at selling booths of the provincial commerce offices to stimulate egg consumption.

These short-term measures are believed to shore up eggs prices.

Mr Sonthirat added that small-scale farmers can lodge complaints with the ministry over report that large-scale chicken farms increase production and sell eggs at lower prices.

He pledged that the trade competition committee will take the issue into consideration before taking any action.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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