Election process to begin next year: PM

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha urged all political stakeholders to have patience, saying that election process will begin next which is still within the 8-month timeframe.

He said that it was pointless for some people to keep pestering him about speeding up the process.

Clarifying his remark that election process will start next year, he said that he didn’t mean that the process would start on January 1, noting that there are many things which have to be undertaken such as election preparations, election campaigning and party meetings.

Having a constitution does not mean that everyone is free to do anything he or she wishes, said the prime minister, adding that there are at least four election-related laws that are to be enacted.

The prime minister said he had made a vow to do his best to resolve all the pressing problems. In order to do so and to be successful, he said he needed cooperation for all parties concerned.

A constitution can be amended if necessary and so does any law, said the prime minister, adding that he would still work with the next elected government to ensure that the country will move forward in stability, prosperity and in sustainable fashion.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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