Ex-commerce minister Boonsong and five associates told to pay 20 billion baht in compensation from G-to-G rice deals

The Foreign Trade Department has sent an administrative notice to the Legal Execution Department to demand about 20 billion baht in compensation for the loss from 6 million tonnes of G-to-G rice deals from six individuals, including former commerce minister Boonsong Teripaphirom and his deputy, Poom Sarasin.

FTD director-general Mrs Duangporn Rodpayat said Monday that two similar notices were served on the six individuals through the Legal Execution Department to pay the compensation and the deadlines had expired.

The other four individuals are Pol Lt-Col Veeravuth Watjanapukka, former secretary of Mr Boonsong, former FTD director-general Manas Soithong and former FTD deputy director-general Tikumporn Nartworathat.

The six men had lodged a petition with the Administrative Court demanding that the administrative notices be revoked and that the demand for compensation should be put on hold pending a ruling from the court regarding their petition.

Mrs Duangporn explained that if the court rules in favour of the six men, the legal proceedings to demand compensation from the six men will have to be suspended.

The amounts of compensation to be demanded from the six are as follows: Boonsong, 1,770 million baht: Poom, 2,300 million baht; Veeravuth, Manas and Tikumporn, 4,000 million baht each.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

Post Author: thailandmirror.com