Flood situation to worsen as more rains are expected in large areas of the country’s upper region

Flood situation in the North remains critical with vast areas of farmland and residential areas in towns being submerged and roads impassable, and schools closed, as the Meteorological Department warned today that high pressure system is moving down from China and is blanketing Thailand’s upper northern region.

This will result in more rains in the North and then extend to other lower part of the country in the central, lower northeastern, and eastern regions.

Although flood situation in some northern provinces have eased but it could deteriorate again with the upcoming rains from the approaching cold weather system.

Floods have wreaked extensive havoc on farmland in Phitsanulok with over 50,000 rais of paddy fields inundated by floods.

In Nakhon Sawan, authorities warned residents living by the Yom river to get ready for evacuation as the river could burst banks once full runoff from Phitsanulok arrives.

Runoff water from Phichit and Khampaengphet rivers have now flowed into Nakhon Sawan province causing the water level in the Ping, Yom, Nan, and Chao Phraya rivers to hike by almost 1 metre and rapidly overflowed into the rice fields in Ta Mai, Pikun, Bang Khien, and Bang Phra Luang subdistricts, leaving hundreds of acres of rice, ready to be cultivated next week, to be completely destroyed.

Phichit province is now hard hit by flood as more water from upper provinces has flowed downstream and could cause the Yom river passing four districts to burst banks.

Flashflood had flowed down from the Phetchabun mountain range, causing the banks near the sluice gates in Chompoo river basin of Moo 1 Baan Ta Sao village to collapse.

At the same time, villagers from Pa Makarb, Ta Lor, Pak Tang subdistricts, as well as authorities from the Phichit disaster mitigation and prevention office had immediately filled up Big Bag of sands to stop the flow of floodwater but had to halt all operations as the water current became too strong, whereas the grounds were made of concrete making it impossible to install poles for the Big Bags.

The large amount of flood water had also inundated over 2,000 acres of rice fields and 100 fish breeding ponds.

Residents living along both sides of the Pa Sak river banks were also gravely affected by the heavy flood as their homes and farmlands were inundated, particularly the marigold fields in Moo 10 of Sa Diang subdistrict in Muang district of Phetchabun province. The farmers there had to wade through over 1 metre-deep of flood water to harvest the flower which had already been flooded.

In Phayao province, the water level at the Chang stream in Dok Kham Tai district had overflowed the banks and flooded at least 7 local governmental offices and schools in the area, prompting the schools to announce their closing until further notice.

The Phayao-Chiang Kham road leading into Phayao city was also inundated, disrupting traffic, while over 2,000 households in the area had to suffer through the second wave of heavy floods.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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