Flood warning in 11 southern provinces for December 8th-11th

Thailand’s National Water Command Centre is advising people living in 11 southern provinces to brace for possible heavy rain and flooding from Thursday through Sunday.


Areas vulnerable to river overflows and flooding are:


Lamae district of Chumphon

Thalang and Mueang districts of Phuket

Kanchanadit, Tha Chana, Chaiya, Tha Chang, Phunpin, Don Sak and Mueang districts of Surat Thani

Mueang, Khanom, Sichon, Tha Sala , Phrom Khiri, Pak Phanang, Nopphitam and Phra Phrom districts of Nakhon Si Thammarat

Khao Chaison, Khuan Khanun, Bang Kaeo, Pak Phayun, Pa Bon and Kong Ra districts of Phatthalung

Krasae Sin, Ranot, Thepa, Rattaphum, Kuan Niang, Hat Yai, Sathing Phra and Chana districts of Songkhla

Kantang district of Trang

Mueang district of Satun

Mai Kaen, Nong Chik, Kok Pho, Sai Buri, Kapho, Ya Ring, Thung Yang Daeng and Mayo districts of Pattani

Raman and Yaha districts of Yala Province

Mueang, Tak Bai, Cho Airong, Bacho, Yi Ngo, Waeng, Su-ngai Kolok, Sukhirin and Rueso districts of Narathiwat

Agencies in the 11 provinces have been instructed, by the National Water Command Centre, to monitor weather conditions and the water situation on continuous basis, especially in areas where accumulated rainfall exceeds 90mm in 24 hours and areas which flood repeatedly.


They were also told to adjust water management in large, medium and small reservoirs, in rivers and at sluice gates, in tandem with high and low tides, and to discharge water from reservoirs to leave more space for inflows.


Moreover, they have been told to keep people informed of the water situation, to issue advisories in cases of possible flooding and to put men and equipment on standby to deal with any emergencies.


Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service

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