Foreign Ministry believes TIP report this year will place Thailand in better ranking

The Thai Foreign Ministry has submitted a report on the situation of human trafficking in Thailand to the US Department of State and it believes that Thailand’s ranking in the US’s Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report this year will be better this year than it was two years ago.

Foreign Minister Don Paramadvinai disclosed that the Thai government had treated human trafficking as a national agenda and had made progress in dealing with the problem in the past year.

Out of 333 human trafficking cases registered, 301 cases have processed to prosecution, representing an increase of 5 percent. 268 people have been arrested for involvement in human trafficking, including 45 officials. Budget allocated for human trafficking suppression for 2016 increased 23.8 percent compare to the figures two years earlier.

The foreign minister is confident that TIP report this year would place Thailand is a better ranking than it was two years ago � thanks to the joint efforts of all parties concerned in Thailand to address the problem in earnest.

Meanwhile, 15 Burmese women who were rescued from forced flesh trade and underwent rehabilitation and occupational training were on Thursday sent back to Myanmar.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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