Four killed in a scuffle between two youth gangs at a temple fair

Four people were killed and four others injured, three of them seriously, by bomb shrapnels during a clash between two rival youth gangs in which, at least, one bomb of unspecified type, was thrown.

The incident took place during the early hours of Sunday in Wat Ampawan in Sanam Chaikhet district of Chachoengsao where a fair was held and was just over.

Sanam Chaikhet police who were later rushed to the scene found a hole about 15 cm deep and about 40 cm in diameter on the concrete floor in front of the temple’s school. Several chairs and tables laid scattering and blood stains on the ground.

The dead and injured victims were taken to the district hospital by rescue workers. Four were pronounced dead and 3 or the 4 injured were admitted for emergency treatment for their serious injuries.

Mr Saneh Thamkham, an assistant village chief, said the temple fair which was held on Janaury 26 until Monday was just over at about 11.30 pm Saturday night and most revelers had returned home except for two rival groups who were still there apparently preparing for a fist-fight.

The two sides finally clashed with each other and during the free for all, a bomb went off. It was not known side threw the bomb.

Police said that they would look for the perpetrators to try to track down the bomber.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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