FTD says claim of plastic rice in Thai pack rice sold in US is distorted

The Foreign Trade Department has asked the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society to block a video clip believed posted in the social media by an Asian community in the US claiming that Thai pack rice sold in the US market was adulterated with plastic grains.

FTD chief Mrs Duangporn Rodpayat said Wednesday that the claim was a distortion of fact, pointing out that there was no reason for Thai rice exporters to adulterate rice with plastic rice because the price of plastic is now double of rice price at 40 baht/kg compared to 20 baht/kg for rice.

She also said that plastic when burnt would melt and would not turn into blackened grains as shown in the clip.

Mrs Duangporn insisted that all the rice that were exported out of Thailand had gone through quality checks to meet the required standards. She said that the pack rice shown in the clip was an established premium brand in the US market for a long time and was the Number One brand trusted by the consumers.

She asked Thai nationals living in the US not to share the clip, saying that the spreading of the clip would further damage the reputation of Thai rice.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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