“Gen. Adul” Visits Chiang Khan to Drive “One Tambon, One Village, Universal Social Security” Project

Labor Minister Visited Chiang Khan, Loei and met with informal workers and the elderly who attended vocational training in One Tambon, One Village, Universal Social Security project.

On December 12, 2018, Labour Minister H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo and committee visited Loei to meet informal workers and the elderly who have been trained by the Ministry of Labour’s agencies in the project to boost workforce productivity in Ban Pak Huai – Pak Khan, Baan Phue, Tha Li, Loei. The party also met with insured groups under Section 40 of the One Tambon, One Village, Universal Social Security 2018-2019 at the Tai Dum Museum, Baan Na Pa Nhad, Chiang Khan, Loei. Informal workers welcomed the party including 10 mushroom farmers from Chom Si, 20 versatile detergent makers from Na Sao, 5 people from the Baan Buhom bag sewing group who are homeworkers, including makers of clothing, shirts, trousers, aprons and local cloth souvenirs with an average monthly income of 35,000 – 40,000 Baht. There were also 16 groups of home workers registered with the Department of Skill Development, 20 people from the Ban Pak Huai – Pak Khan community enterprise to support sustainability which makes dried banana from Baan Phue, 20 people trained in cloth and quilting from Khow Kaew, 150 insurers from Baan Na Pa Nhad and 1 representative from the Universal Social Security Moo 7 and Moo 14. The One Tambon, One Village, Universal Social Security 2018-2019 in Na Sao, Moo 7, Baan Sri Pon Tan, Chiang Khan, Loey had 322 insurers under Section 33 and 39 and 208 insurers under Section 40, whereas Moo 14, Na Sao had 165 insurers under Section 33 and 39 and 190 insurers under Section 40.

The Labour Minister and committee also saw a demonstration of the haircut of participants and presented funds for people with disabilities to 3 people including 1) Mr. Surachai Buddhabhawong, aged 38, who was in danger of traveling to install internet at Na Duang District and had blood clots, heart muscle tear, lung infection and breathing failure. He currently has weak limbs on both sides and feeds through a tube. He is a bed patient who cannot recognize or communicate with other people. The physician evaluated a 100 percent impairment of the body. Mr. Surachai received medical expense coverage at Udon Thani Hospital totaling 30,250 Baht and 166,039 Baht in Loey Hospital, totaling 196,289 Baht. 2) Mr. Kittisak Muaengchan, aged 29, who was hit by a high-voltage electric cord while working on the roof, causing a tear in his right wrist ligaments and his right leg removed below the knee. He now uses a prosthesis on his right leg and can only move his thumb on his right hand. The physician evaluated a 67 percent impairment of the body. Mr. Kittisak received medical expense coverage and is awaiting a summary of expenses from the hospital (from Udon Thani Hospital). He will also receive compensation for the loss of income in the amount of 6,240 Baht per month for 7 months, amounting to 43,680 Baht, compensation for persons with disabilities in the amount of 1,664 Baht and 7,280 Baht per month. 3) Mrs. Sompas Sriwongrach, aged 52, who was hit by high electricity while doing work on drains. She had severe level-4 burns covering 40 percent of her body and had to have both arms removed. She will receive compensation for loss of income in the amount of 71,136 Baht and 6,916 Baht per month as compensation for persons with disabilities. The Labour Minister also presented hair-dressing tools to 20 police who passed the hair-dressing training.

In Loei, there are 303,994 workers comprising 303,051 employed, 410 unemployed, 533 seasonal workers and 251,917 informal workers consisting of 106,914 non-agricultural workers, 196,137 agricultural workers, and 613 foreign workers. There are 1,705 establishments with 22,368 insurers under Section 33 and 25,675 insurers under Section 40.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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