“Gen. Adul” Visits Thai Workers in Kibbutz with Reminder to Work Hard, Maintain Health and Refrain from Vices

The Labour Minister and committee visited Thai workers in Kibbutz, in Northern Israel, and reminded workers to work hard, save money, collect work experiences, look after their health care and do not interfere with drugs. He revealed measures to care for workers pre and post-dispatch for work abroad in Israel and gave gifts and encouragement to the workers.

On December 20, 2018, Labour Minister H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo; Permanent Secretary of Labour, Mr. Jarin Chakkaphark; Deputy Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Petcharat Sinauy and committee, travelled to visit Thai banana and avocado growers in Kibbutz, in Northern Israel. The workers lived together as a commune, living and sharing resources, doing business together as a joint venture by sharing returns with no competition. Around 50 Thai workers waited to welcome the visiting party. The Labour Minister gave an address that Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha has paid attention to all Thai workers in Israel. He asked everyone to work hard, save money, collect work knowledge and experience to add occupational value when returning to Thailand, maintain a healthy body and to refrain from all vices.

Pol.Gen. Adul also spoke about the Ministry of Labour’s measures to send Thai workers to work in Israel, whereby preparing workers in terms of language, culture, agricultural knowledge and health care and first aid to workers before going to work abroad. It has also established a center to help the workers when problems arise and to build a network by using Thai people in Israel to share knowledge, skills and experience for work in Thailand after employment contracts in Israel expire. Furthermore, the Ministry of Labour has advised workers to apply for insurance under Section 40 and prepared a medical team from hospitals in the social security network to provide health check-up services to Thai workers, in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health.

On the same occasion, the Labour Minister and committee gave goods, food and sports equipment to the workers during the visit, such as amulets, glutinous rice, organic fish, fried fish, chilli paste, footballs, takraw balls and chess boards for example. The Labour Minister then visited the workers’ residence and gave the outstanding Labour Volunteer Award to Ms. Duangdao too.

Source: Ministry of Labour

Post Author: thailandmirror.com