Gen Prawit insists the military will not sign an MoU

The military has turned down a proposal of the Pheu Thai party that it should sign a memorandum of understanding pledging not to ever stage a coup.

Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan said Thursday that the military is impartial and is not in conflict with any parties or groupings.

No need to sign (the MOU). Only when the country is bogged down in an impasse or is in serious conflict that the military will (stage a coup). The Pheu Thai party must have thought that the military still stage a coup. I am now over 70. Since I was young, I can guarantee that no one wants to stage a coup. If there is a coup and the people won’t support it, then it will not be possible.

But this time, the people agreed that we came to restore peace and I believe most soldiers think this way � no one wants to stage a coup, to have powers. There is nothing good about it. Anyone wants to take my place, just come forward, said General Prawit.

The deputy prime minister insisted that the military would stay away from the MoU but would compile the viewpoints from all the political parties to work out a common agreement.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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