Grand Palace will be closed to public and tourists on Dec 1-2

The Bureau of the Royal Household on Tuesday announced that paying tribute to the Late King BhumibolAdulyadej by members of the public at the Grand Palace would be suspended for two days on December 1-2 in order to facilitate the holding of a Royal merit-making ceremony to mark the 50th day of the passing of the late King.

Also, the selling of tickets to allow tourists to visit the Grand Palace on the two days will be suspended.

On December 5 which coincides with the birthday anniversary of the late King, the Bureau of the Royal Household, a Royal merit-making ceremony will be held at the Grand Palace on December 5-6. Hence, the Grand Palace will be closed to tourists during the two-day period.

However, members of the public are allowed to pay tribute to the late King as normal at DusitMahaPrasart throne hall of the Grand Palace.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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