Gunmen in military fatigue torched Kosit TAO in Narathiwat

Seven gunmen in military fatigues broke into the office of a tambon administration organization (TAO) in Narathiwat’s Takbai district, torched the office building and a car and then escaped in another vehicle stolen from the office.

Security forces were alerted of the incident which took place Saturday night, but they decided not to rush to the Kosit TAO until Sunday morning for fear that they might be ambushed by the assailants on their way to the TAO office.

Security forces arrived at the scene Sunday morning only to find the TAO office partially damaged from fire and a rescue pickup truck torched.

One janitor and two rescue workers were at the TAO office at the time when the armed men clad in military fatigues broke into the office and tied all of them up before they torched the office and a car parked at the garage.

The armed men stole a Mitsubishi pickup truck which they used in their escape Saturday night.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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