High court rejects suspended jailterm

The Supreme Court has rejected a request for suspended jailterm of a woman who was sentenced to one-year imprisonment for ramming her pick-up truck into a father and his 5-year old daughter, killing the former and seriously injuring the latter.

The dead victim, 42-year old Mr Panutat Saksitphan, and his daughter, Narasiri, alias Nong Cartoon, were in front of their grilled steak shop at the mouth of Soi Ekkachai 119, Bangbon district, when a pick-up truck driven by Ms Nampoeng Jaisa-ngiam rammed into them. The incident took place two years ago.

Panutat was killed at the scene while his daughter suffered serious injured. She was later diagnosed of suffering brain damage and loss of eyesight.

The Supreme Court imposed a one-year imprisonment on Ms Nampoeng and also ordered to pay six million baht in compensation to the two victims.

Responding to the high court’s rejection of the suspended jailterm, Nong Cartoon’s mother said in her post on the social media that the one-year jailterm should provide a lesson to Ms Nampoeng about how she would feel if deprived of freedom.

About her daughter, she said she only wished her daughter recover from the illness.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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