Huge drug haul in five seizures in November

Narcotics police have seized a huge haul of narcotics drugs worth about 277 million baht in street prices in five seizures during November 11-15.

The seized drugs include two million methamphetamine tablets, 13 kgs of Ice or crystal meth, 26,400 bottles of coughing syrup and 18 kgs of Krathom leaves. One car, two motorcycles and five smart phones were also confiscated from the suspects.

On November 11, narcotics police found two bags containing about two kgs of Ice left on the roadside of Ram-Inthra road in Kanna Yao district. No suspects were arrested.

On November 13, narcotics arrested four suspects, including a Burmese national, and seized 200,000 methamphetamine tablets and one kg of Ice in Chiang Rai. Two motorcycles were also seized.

On November 14, narcotics police seized 18 kgs of Krathom leaves hidden in six sacks from the roadside of a road in Muang district of Phatthalung province.

On November 15, narcotics searched postal parcels at a transport company in Bangklam district of Songkhla province and found altogether 26,400 bottles of coughing syrup worth about three million baht. The coughing syrup when boiled with Krathom leaves will produce an addictive cocktail called 4 x 100 which is popular among youths in southern provinces.

In separate raids in Singburi and Ayutthaya provinces on the same day, narcotics police and military personnel seized 1.8 million methamphetamine pills and 10 kgs of Ice. One hilltribesman was arrested.

Throughout 2015 budgetary year, narcotics police seized 207 million baht worth of illicit drugs, including 40 million methamphetamine tablets, 584 kgs of Ice, 56 kgs of heroin and 4.4 tonnes of marijuana.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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