Huge rubber glove factory fire in Trang forces declaration of disaster zone

Trang governor has declared 41 villages in Kantang district a disaster zone following a huge fire at the country’s major rubber glove factory which spewed out toxic black smoke into the air on Sunday (Feb 4).

Trang governor Siriphat Patthakul said black smoke from the gutted rubber globe stocks at Thai Kong factory posed threat to the people’s health.

He said the declaration of disaster zone, which covers 41 villages in seven tambons in Kantang district, would enable the province to mobilize authorities and budget to help affected residents.

Health officials would be dispatched to the affected villages to take care of the people’s health while labour officials would also take care of about 3,000 factory workers, he said.

The factory was the largest rubber glove factory in Trang and one of the country’s major factory. The factory employed over 3,000 workers, said the governor.

It produced 4,000 million pairs of rubber gloves with about 30,000 tonnes of latex per year.

Initial damages to the factory building was estimated at over 100 million baht, excluding huge stocks of rubber gloves for medical use.

The fire, which started at about 4am on Sunday, engulfed a warehouse building in which rubber gloves were stored.

A dozen fire engines from Kantang and Nakhon Trang municipality were despatched to the factory to combat the fire.

Authorities spent around 14 hours to completely put off the blaze, but firefighters continued to spray water on the piles of gutted rubber gloves to prevent the fire from rekindling.

The cause of the fire was being investigated.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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