Human feces believed belong to Premchai collected as a piece of evidence

Forest rangers have found the human feces suspected to discharged by Italian-Thai Development Plc boss Premchai Karnasuta near the site where the poor black panther was butchered after it was shot dead allegedly by Premchai’s hunting party early this month.

Mr Chaiwant Limlikhit-aksorn, chief of the Phya Sua (Tiger) task force of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plants Conservation, told the media on Sunday that the feces was located in front of the spot where Premchai’s car was parked and was about three metres from where the spent shell of a shotgun cartridge was found.

He said he believed that the feces came from Premchai who suddenly felt the call of nature and just discharged it right in front of his car as two of his men, one of them believed to be a hunter, were butchering the dead panther and stripping it off its skin.

He explained that he didn’t think the two men and another woman, a cook for the hunting party, dared to discharge in front of their boss’s car, especially the woman.

The feces was collected by the rangers to be used as a piece of evidence to prove that Premchai was at the spot where the animal was killed.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)

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