In road accidents killed 4 people

16th August 2017, at about 07:30 am, the driver of the car brand “Opel Astra”, Rahimov Mahmadzoir born in 1978, resident of Shahrituz district, following from Shahrituz district toward Dushanbe, on the territory of the rural Jamoat Kizil-Kala of Khuroson district failed to manage the vehicle, turned over on the sidelines.

As a result, the passengers of the car: Khamroyeva Zulaikho Kurbonovna born in 1964, resident of Dusti district and minor Bobomurodov Ibrokhim Abdukarimovich born in 2000, resident of Kubodiyan district received serious injuries died at the spot of accident, another vehicle passenger Usmonshoev Kosim Shohhudzhaevich born in 1977, resident of the Shahrituz district died in hospital.

On that day, around 13:50 the day, the driver of the car brand “Opel Vectra”, Saidov Olimhon Shukurhonovich born in 1996, resident of Isfara, student of the 4th course of Tajik State University of Commerce in the city of Khujand, following the street Markazi of Isfara could not ensure the safety of traffic, hit bicyclist, Usmonov Laziz Homidovich born in 1962, local resident.

Subsequently, the cyclist suffered serious injuries incompatible with life, died in the hospital.

Investigation is under way.

Source: Minstry of Internal Affairs Tajikistan

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