Invention from EGAT’s Move World Together is awarded gold medal from Canada

          “Rubber residue drying house”, an invention from EGAT’s “Move World Together: for power and environment” won the gold medal from International Invention Innovation Competition: iCAN 2016 held in Toronto, Canada. The award built the reputation on Ubon Ratchathani Province, EGAT, and Thailand.

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          Mr. Saharath Boonpotipakde, Deputy Governor-Corporate Social Affairs, said that Toronto International Society of Innovation and Advanced Skills : TISIAS announced the results of International Invention Innovation Competition: iCAN 2016 by awarding the gold medal to the youth of Move World Together on the invention “Rubber residue drying house” created by Sirindhorn Wittayanusorn School in the site of Sirindhorn Dam, EGAT. The invention had been nominated to the contest in July.

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          The committee of iCAN 2016 was comprised of World Invention Intellectual Property Associations : WIIPA , International Federation of Inventors Associations : iFIA , Innovation Initiative Co-operative Inc : ICO, and Toronto International Society of Innovation and Advanced Skills : TISIAS that selected “Rubber residue drying house” to be the winner. The judging criteria included creative thinking, its technology, characteristics, practical quality, and possibility for distribution. “Rubber residue drying house” could help the locals in Sirindhorn District with the occupation of rubber sellers solve the problem of drying the residue on the concrete ground that required the large area and might get wet from the rain, as well as wasting time to turn the residue over for sunlight exposure. The invention required the small space and was designed with efficient air circulation to avoid moisture.

          The Deputy Governor further said that Move World Together was the cooperation among EGAT, Thammasat University, Department of Children and Youth, and Association for Developing Human Potentials and Giftedness that aimed to develop potential and creative thinking of the youth. The 5-year project enhanced the youth to solve the local problems with creative thinking, which sustainably mitigated the issues on power and environment. From 2014 to 2016, inventions created by the Move World Together youth had received 38 awards. EGAT would further support the project and develop the inventions to be sold in the market, which would add value to the product and create income for the benefits of community and the country.

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          Mr. Arkom Kamlungreng, the advisor of the project, Sirindhorn Wittayanusorn School revealed that EGAT’s Move World Together encouraged the youth to have creative thinking and teamwork. The invention would be further developed since it was practical for the agriculturists. It would be also modified to fit other products that would benefit school, community, and the country.