Ko Phangan Colourmoon Festival 2017

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The Ko Phangan Colourmoon Festival 2017, taking place from 23-27 April, got off to a colourful start with an opening event that gave all visitors, locals and tourists alike, a taste of the many Unique Local Experiences offered by the five districts of the island. Under the theme “Coconut is Life,” the event showcased family-friendly activities, music, shows and a food fair taking place to showcase the best of the island’s culture and cuisine.

The Grand Opening

The grand opening included a show of respect to the late King Rama IX before the local culture and history of the island was celebrated with shadow puppets and dancers. As the sun went down, there was also a fashion show featuring clothes made using local coconuts.

Food and crafts

Visitors were able to try a huge range of tasty culinary treats, both sweet and savoury, with some of the island’s top chefs showing off their creations. There was also the chance to see local crafts and traditions such as fruit carving, massage and weaving.

The Island of Kings

On the HMS Phangan Memorial Museum presented an exhibition called “Island of Kings” which celebrated the Thai Royal Family’s strong links with Ko Phangan. King Rama V stopped off at the island several times and now there are two revered monuments of him on the island.

Coconut Island

With coconuts being the island’s most important export, the Festival featured the theme, “Coconut is Life”, and the many ways this versatile product is used is showcased in products and demonstrations.

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