Ko Phangan, Ko Tao and Ko Nang Yuan

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Gallery 1: Ko Phangan has stunning palm fringed beaches where the clear waters tempt visitors to swim and snorkel. Mae Hat is a must-visit beach and there’s a sandbar which takes you to a nearby island. There are also many fishing villages in the area where locals enjoy a traditional way of life.

Gallery 2: If you’re feeling a bit creative when on Ko Phangan, stop off at one of the many tie-dye workshops where you can learn this age-old method of decorating clothing. There are also amazingly colourful examples of tie-dye and batik to buy, and it’s possible to pick up wall-hangings, dresses and stand-out t-shirts.

Gallery 3: Ko Tao is located a short boat ride from Ko Phangan. If you’ve had enough of chilling on Mae Hat or Sairee Beach then scuba diving, rock climbing and bouldering are popular options.

Gallery 4: Made up of three islands connected by a sandbar of pristine white sand, Ko Nang Yuan is a little paradise near Ko Tao. This is a perfect place for day trips and snorkeling and there’s a climb to a lookout here which offers one of the best views in Thailand.

Gallery 5: All around the islands of Phangan, Samui and Tao, there is some great diving and snorkeling and many dive schools give visitors the chance to learn scuba diving. As well as Thailand’s best coral, you can see rays, sharks, sea-snakes and turtles – even the majestic whale-shark puts in an occasional appearance.

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