Labour Minister Assigns Advisor to Commence National Labour Day 2022 Event in Phetchaburi Province Forming Unity Against Drugs to Promote Happiness

Labour Minister Mr. Suchart Chomklin assigned his Advisor, Mrs. Thiwalrat Angkinan, to chair the National Labour Day opening ceremony in Phetchaburi Province 2022. The occasion occurred at Sutthawat Temple (Wat Mai Saphan Sung), Ban Laem District, Phetchaburi Province. Mr. Chanchai Umnuch, President of the Bang Khrok Subdistrict Administrative Organization, heads of government agencies under the Ministry of Labour in Phetchaburi Province, and the Chairman of the Cha-Am Cement Irrigation Union joined the event.

Mrs. Thiwalrat said that May 1 of every year is National Labour Day. It is an important day that many countries worldwide recognize, as it is a day to remind us of the importance of the workforce, which is an important factor that contributes to productivity. The power of the workforce is embedded in every product. Therefore, it can be considered that workers play an important role in driving and creating stability for the economy. The government under the leadership of General Prayut Chan-o-cha, the Ministry of Labour under the supervision of Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan, and Labour Minister Mr. Suchart Chomklin realize the importance of the workforce in all sectors, including the workers in the system, informal workers or workers with disabilities. They strive to improve the quality of life of the workforce to earn higher incomes and receive fair treatment, have stability in social security, and have good occupational health and safety following international standards.

Mrs. Thiwalrat continued that the activity was organized to create awareness among all sectors about the importance of the workforce that contributes to developing the country’s economy to drive prosperity. The event allows workers to celebrate the National Labour Day activities together, to strengthen good relationships between employers, employees, the government sector, and state enterprises in a bilateral and tripartite system. It also allows employers and business owners to know about drug problems. This will lead to policy-making processes and support for prevention and solutions to drug problems in the workplace, promoting workers to be healthy and have a good quality of life. Currently, Phetchaburi Province has 4,003 establishments located in the area with 68,440 employees. The event was called “Phetchaburi Uniting Workers Against Drugs to Promote Happiness.” Activities in the event consisted of anti-drug unity, offering alms to the abbot, provincial tree planting, improvement of landscape development around the temple, and other activities.

“The Ministry of Labour thanked workers in all walks of life who have helped each other to work in their responsibilities, developing the economy and society of Phetchaburi Province. Thank you for joining in the various activities to create reconciliation, resulting in unity among the workforce. The Ministry of Labour is ready to fully support and promote the organization of various activities. These activities strictly follow the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” said Mrs. Thiwalrat.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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