Labour Minister Closes National Handicapped Skills Competition

Labour Minister General Sirichai Distakul chaired the closing of the eighth National Handicapped Skills Competition at Impact Arena Exhibition and Convention Center. In his opening speech, he said that the handicapped population has increasingly become accepted in society as a valuable resource to which the government and Prime Minister have given great importance in supporting. Relevant units have been assigned to promote the quality of living amongst the handicapped population, especially in equal employment. The Ministry of Labour has aimed to integrate the government sector, private sector and social sector in promoting professional development, which covers training, recruitment and facilitating employment. This also includes registration of insurers, legal protection of handicapped workers and to ensure employment and fair income. The Labour Minister said that the National Handicapped Skills Competition illustrated collaboration by the government, private sector and other organizations on identifying the importance of handicapped people and their potential for employment, whether it be in highly skilled roles, industrial, services, or computer and electronic jobs.

General Sirichai awarded and congratulated the gold, silver and bronze medalists and all other participants on their involvement in self-development and contribution to economic growth. He emphasized that the Ministry of Labour would continue to support employment, income and self-sufficiency.

Competition winners in each category will receive a certificate and cash prize, whereby gold medal winners will receive 30,000 Baht, silver medal winners 15,000 Baht and bronze medal winners 9,000 Baht. Commendation awards of 3,000 Baht were awarded to winners of each category which included: painting on silk to Mr. Siitichai Khumdaeng, computer assembly to Mr. Their Thongloy, basket weaving to Mr. Somyot Sangkamalai, recyclable innovations to Ms. Thitirat Yothum, studio photography to Ms. Picham Eimwijarn, women apparel stitching to Ms. Julalak Ngamwanichawong, printed media design to Mr. Wanlop Swiumporn, CAD for architecture to Ms. Chadaporn Setpramote, webpage design to Mr. Phuttamon Poolpiem, crochet to Mrs. Lah Boonwong, painting to Mr. Poh Kumklinwong, electronic assembly to Mr. Sotpol Supanidametas, stitching to Ms. Chanida Lakwong, clay molding to Ms. Wangtalil Choodmawiroj, character design to Mr. Wattana Pantusri, men apparel design to Mr. Chaipan Panlert, poster design to Mr. Jakkpob Patawong, industrial CAD to Mr. Narong Chantrakul, typography on Microsoft Word to Mr. Tanet Siwpornsatien and knitting to Ms. Ruttiporn Plao.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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