Labour Minister Commences Seminar on HR Development in Logistics to Support Transportation and International Trade

On April 3, 2019, Labour Minister, H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo presided over seminar commencement on the direction of HR development in logistics, supporting international transportation and trade for 2019. The ceremony took place at the Grand Ballroom, 3rd Floor, The Emerald Hotel, Ratchadaphisek Road, Bangkok. The Labour Minister said that the logistics sector is an essential foundation of national economic development as it is a mechanism that passes the value of products and services from manufacturers to recipients or consumers. Therefore, an efficient logistics system thereby reduces costs and increases competitiveness for the overall economy. Personnel development in logistics is consequently important and requires a network of cooperative mechanisms from all sectors following the “Pracharat” approach, especially those who have graduated at the bachelor degree level, to have a job and stable income. At present, over 2,700 international freight forwarders are covering no less than 250,000 jobs, creating an economic value of more than 314,000 million Baht per year, supporting significant industries in the EEC and government projects.

The Ministry of Labour’s Department of Skill Development organized this seminar to raise and upgrade the labour skills in the logistics system according to the Labour Minister’s 3A policy that focuses on improving the skills of workers to become quality workers, supporting 10 major industries. The strategy helps drive and develop the country’s economy following the 20-year national strategic plan, including the presentation of diplomas for 205 trainees and handed over to entrepreneurs. The Labour Minister then viewed exhibitions and booths within the network of logistics operators and SMEs.

The Ministry of Labour’s Department of Skill Development has conducted training for skill development to enter the logistics industry and industries related to transportation and international trade processes. The trainees then move on to get jobs with an average income of 18,150 Baht/person/month. There is also a 5-year long-term plan (2020-2024) to develop 2,500 workers to feed the international freight forwarding business. In this seminar, participants will gain knowledge of the national strategy linked to the development of logistics infrastructure and trends and directions for future human resource development to meet labour needs in this industry and join the dialogue to exchange ideas about the business direction to determine future business strategies as well.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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