Labour Minister Emphasizes Foreign Worker Act

Labour Minister General Sirichai Distakul gave a speech after joining the second committee meeting on foreign worker management an anti-human trafficking efforts this year, which was chaired by Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan. The Labour Minister explained that the enforcement of the Foreign Worker Management Royal Decree B.E. 2560 aimed to systemize foreign worker issues which would contribute to labour, economic and social stability. He said that enforcement of the decree would result in increased penalties to 400,000 � 800,000 Baht per illegal foreign worker. The Labour Minister explained that the hefty fine would help raise employers’ awareness for the importance of legal employment.

To alleviate issues resulting from the royal decree, the Ministry of Labour has drafted processes for employers with illegal workers to convert them into legal workers. The government has been asked to announce measures which will delay the enforcement of the act; the Ministry of Labour will then notify all relevant parties again, concluded the Labour Minister.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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