Labour Minister Presents Three Urgent Policies to Drive DOE Missions

The Labour Minister presided over the Department of Employment’s meeting no. 3/2021 to present three policies on managing migrant workers to speed up Covid-19 screening, promote job placement for Thai people to have a job, and promoting Thai workers to work abroad.

Labour Minister Mr. Suchart Chomklin reported that Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha, and Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan, as supervisor of the Ministry of Labour, prioritize the systematic management of migrant workers, especially amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. It focuses on preventing and solving human trafficking, taking into account human rights principles and law enforcement. The Labour Minister emphasizes the policy for official performance in the second half for the Department of Employment, which must act urgently in three areas: 1. The management of migrant workers. 2. Promoting recruitment for Thai people to work; and 3. Promoting Thai workers to work abroad, among the Acting Director-General of the Department of Employment, executives, and the Department of Employments government officials. The policies focus on managing the Covid-19 pandemic among foreign workers by expediting Covid-19 screening through integration between departments in the area to promote employment for new graduates to enter the labour market and finding ways to increase the delivery of Thai workers to work abroad.

Acting Director-General of the Department of Employment, Mr. Phairoj Chotikasathian, receive orders from the Labour Minister after hearing the report and follow up on the performance of various missions from the Provincial Employment Office and the Director of the Bangkok Employment Office. The orders instructed Provincial Employment Offices to expedite surveys and examine the information of migrant workers in the area to coordinate with the Provincial Public Health Offices for Covid-19 screening and complete health insurance within June 16, 2021. In the promotion of jobs for Thai people, the policies instruct the offices to take proactive action, create understanding for employers, establishments, and educational institutions about the positive results, adjustments, and various conditions of the project currently ready to support participants. In deploying Thai workers to work abroad, the policies urge offices to improve the rules that impede Thai workers’ delivery, adding convenience and speed. There may also be negotiations to allow the private sector to join in the delivery of Thai workers to work abroad.


Source: Ministry of Labour

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