Labour Minister Urges Drive for Safety Thailand Nationwide

The Ministry of Labour’s Inspector-General Mr. SoothiSukosol revealed that Labour Minister General SirichaiDistakul has emphasized the drive of the Safety Thailand policy, a collaborative effort with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Industry. The Safety Thailand project aims to promote better workplace, occupational and public safety and hygiene, coupled with creating awareness to create a sustainable culture and implementation of safety measures.

The Labour Minister has presented all provincial labour protection and welfare offices with policies to inspect companies to ensure safety measures are up to standard. The provincial offices have been urged to work with local agencies to enhance public safety such as in public transportation and road safety, which will help reduce the incident of deaths and losses, especially during festivities, said Mr. Soothi.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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