Labour Minister Visits Flood Victims in the South

On 16 February 2017, Labour Minister General Sirichai Distakul visited and distributed emergency survival kits to flood victims in Surat Thani, and commenced the Walking Forward Together project. The Labour Minister gave a speech after the commencement saying, The Walking Forward Together project is part of the restoration plan to help flood victims in Surat Thani. It is a joint effort by both state and social enterprises to provide assistance in employment, physical wellbeing and motivation to lead the victims’ lives back to normal.

The projects activities are aimed to promote participation of the local people in relieving post-natural disaster distress. In 18 sub districts, there are 4 emergency employment projects and 27 batches for skills development training, each batch with 16 people. There is also a mobile unit which will publicize vacancies and take in job applications, as well as courses on general industries such as maintenance for small agricultural machinery, electrical appliances and automobiles, which will total 30 training hours. Units will also inspect workplace safety in companies within the region and provide ways to improve the working environment and social protection measures will also be initiated to help employees such as extending the period for payment of contribution, avoiding the 2 percent interest rate for 3 months (January � March 2017). The success of these initiatives will depend on the cooperation of the people, communities, private sector and state officials. These events will be launched a total of 5 times, concluded the Labour Minister.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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