Labour Minister Welcomes Private Hospital Association in Collaboration to Improve Medical Services

The Labour Minister welcomed the Private Hospital Association to discuss the upgrading of the health service system to provide insurers in the social security system with easy access to medical treatment.

On February 14, 2019, Labour Minister H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeowelcomed President of the Private Hospital Association, M.D. Pongpat Patanavanich, on a meeting to discuss official issues, requesting the Social Security Office to consider raising medical fees consistent with the burden of costs, number of cases by insured persons and increasing treatment each year, to maintain private hospitals in contract. The effort will ensure that the number of contracted private hospitals does not decrease and therefore insured persons are not affected in their access to medical care services. The meeting took place at the Labour Minister’s reception room, 6th floor, Ministry of Labour.

The Private Hospital Association discussed the increase in treatment fee per head, for the SSO to consider increasing each year, in line with rising costs situation and treatment fees for complex cases, to consider the payment of complicated inpatient treatment with DRG system, determined by the RW (relative weight) value of each disease code (ICD10), with no budget limitation of the closing budget for fairness to the hospital. The third issue was the payment of additional treatment fees to hospitals certified with quality systems by another 80 Baht/insurer, for the SSO to consider together with the Private Hospital Association, a representative of private hospitals, to adjust the treatments quality indicators, to have fair practices for all parties involved.

The Labour Minister thanked the president of the Private Hospital Association for cooperation with the Ministry of Labour,and confirmed that ministry cares about insured persons and is willing to cooperate with the association to improve the efficiency and health service systems of private hospitals in contract with the Social Security Office, so that insurers have access to standardized treatment systems with the highest quality and efficiency.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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