“Law Major Sita” apologized to “Dr. Chon Nan”

Bangkok, May 24-“Mr. Sita” tweeted an apology to “Dr. Chon Nan” after making him uncomfortable. Indicates if the question is offside, apologize.

Reporters reported that After Lt. Col. Sitha Tiwari, a candidate for the Prime Minister of the Thai Sang Thai Party Asking questions at the MOU stage to form the government of the Kao Klai Party and also posted on Facebook alluding to Dr. Chonnan Srikaew, leader of the Pheu Thai Party Until creating dissatisfaction with Dr. Chon Nan by calling on the far-reaching party to clear the matter for Major Sita to apologize. Most recently, Major Sita tweeted a message at 10:43 am, apologizing and further apologizing. In case of asking questions on the day of the announcement of the MOU to set up a government

The tweet message states, “MOU = Launching as a couple #AdvanceMOU = Organizing an engagement party with the government = Marrying as a family. I am the same as the general public. We have been suffering from unclean country management for 9 years. When we have the opportunity, we would like to encourage our country to establish a government that is #democratic family that can be elegant Many people think that these 8 parties are appropriate. and the most perfect If my question is too advanced (Advance) to make it uncomfortable. I would like to apologize here as well.”

Lt. Col. Sita also stated that “People who love each other are lovers, they think too much, they have to step back, if they make a mistake, they have to apologize. From now on, don’t cross the line, don’t rush, don’t pressure us to move forward in a fit way. Let’s go together. and express their opinions continuously.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency