Let’s take into account the past lessons. Together, use caution, work politically creatively.

Pol.Lt.Cong Chantaphon Tantawanwan, a spokesman for the government, expressed appreciation for the political awareness of people at all levels. Especially young people who are scattered in all sectors of society With some proposing to participate in politics

While most have the opportunity to learn and understand more about democratic governance.

However, in the situation before the election Still have some concerns and concerns With an attempt to campaign from the people of some political parties That still maintains the traditional political behavior Smash So bad and shun Especially the display of wisdom and leadership that is not creative Raise some issues to connect and convince people to vote Pulling the institutions involved Without regard to the damage that will occur With intention or intention

Especially the deprivation of honor, military and army Which is the main institution of national security and is a refuge for the people in times of national problems Both the security of the country Coping with natural disasters and threats from human hands Crisis of government and nation Or even political conflicts Which escalates the weakness of the state power mechanism National main institutions And the divisions of the people within the nation

Therefore would like to request cooperation Together to work creatively in politics Use caution Not trying to provoke distortion for social divisions. As the lessons learned in the past, the Ministry of Defense once again confirms that the army belongs to the people. And respect the people’s judgment in the democratic way And ready to listen to all constructive and useful comments To develop the army and security work to be able to handle the threat situation in each period On the basis of budgetary possibilities And is in the risk of environmental risk, acceptable security of the country To the benefit of the nation and the people in general

Source: Royal Thai Government

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