Ministry of Labour Enhances Efficiency of Hotline Services

Permanent Secretary of Labour M.L. Puntrik Smiti chaired the seminar to improve efficiency of the Ministry of Labour’s 1506 hotline and reporting channels. She said that government policy supports efficient, accurate and effective assistance to the people nationwide, to which the Ministry of Labour’s missions are to promote a better quality of life through the 8+1 agendas for reform, improving workforce productivity and employment for all. The Permanent Secretary explained that the efforts were made by all of the ministry’s affiliated units, where various communication channels are provided such as the Ministry of Labour’s 1506 hotline, various websites, postal boxes and housing for the public at the Government Houses.

The Permanent Secretary of Labour said that officers responsible for answering questions had an important role in ensuring satisfaction amongst service users, in providing advice, solutions and coordination. She said that standards would need to be clear and consistent amongst all units for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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