Ministry of Labour Joins ILO to Prepare Thailand 4.0 and Future of Work Dialogue

Today (23 February 2017) at 09.30, Permanent Secretary of Labour chaired the Thailand 4.0 and Future of Work: A National Dialogue. After the event, she said explained that the seminar is scheduled for 29 March 2017 and is a project initiated by the Ministry of Labour and International Labour Organization (ILO). The ILO has given particular focus to the future workforce which will face economic, social and technological changes, thus skills development is necessary for employment, income and a better standard of living. She said that the seminar was a continuation of the ILO’s regional conference in Bali on technological advancements and its relationship with employment. The meeting will be a good opportunity to discuss with relevant units and initiate ideas which will benefit employment and occupation and develop the workforce for the future.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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