Ministry of Labour Organizes Informal Worker Information

Permanent Secretary of Labour M.L. Puntrik Smiti chaired the meeting to discuss directions on information coordination to help informal workers. The meeting took place at the Prasong Rananant Conference Room. She said that government policy gives great importance to employment of Thai people, particularly informal workers where it aims to help develop social security, income stability and a better quality of life. The Ministry of Labour thus invited the Department of Agricultural Extension, the Community Development Department, the Department of Local Administration, the Fiscal Policy Office and the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives to discuss directions for the coordination of information on the informal workforce to use towards strategizing the Informal Worker Management Plan 2017 � 2021. This will also create social stability and provide better coverage of protection, promote informal worker productivity and increase management effectiveness, also allowing informal workers’ better access to government services, social security and occupational safety. Furthermore, the efforts will contribute to professional development, agricultural knowledge and maintenance of various tools and machinery, leading to enhanced incomes.

In terms of promoting social security and extending coverage, the Permanent Secretary of Labour has advised the Social Security Office to study and increase benefits for insurers under Section 40. On the topic of promoting informal worker productivity and management effectiveness, the Ministry of Labour will work with relevant departments to analyze information and use it towards access for informal workers nationwide.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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