MOL Meets for Project on Safety and Justice Programs: Rights and Opportunities for Migrant Women Workers in ASEAN

On January 17, 2019, at 13.30 hours, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour, Mr. Suradej Waleeittikul presided over the meeting commencement of the project on Safety and Justice Programs: Rights and Opportunities for Migrant Women Workers in ASEAN. The meeting took place at the Kamolmas Room, Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok. He said that he was pleased to welcome everyone to the meeting today, the first official meeting of the National Project Advisory Council or NPAC, on Safety and Justice Programs: Rights and Opportunities for Migrant Women Workers in ASEAN, or known as Safe & Fair Project.

The project aims to solve problems arising from labour migration of female migrant workers, a group that is at a higher risk than male migrant workers, especially concerning violence and human trafficking. It is firmly believed that this program will help the Thai government and a civil society thoroughly learn and understand the problems, including the limitations that exist, including what women migrants in Thailand and in ASEAN experience in seeking opportunities for a better life and living.

As the government of a recipient country, deep understanding of the problems, contextual factors and migration situation among female migrant workers arising from presentations, discussions and consultations of all parties involved with help from the EU and expertise from the ILO and UN Women under the Safe & Fair program, will excel the operation and implementation of various measures of the Thai government. This will be consistent with real needs and comply with international principles, having the ability to respond to multiple demands, both from the employees and employers’ perspective, more effectively.

The Safe & Fair project will help support the Thai government’s operations in the development and promotion of safe labour migration, which will help the government’s policy focus on foreign labour management. It will help to resolve the issue of forced labour, adequate protection of human trafficking and be more universal. More importantly, the Ministry of Labour is confident that the plans and measures under the Safe & Fair program will increase the dynamics and concentration of the International Labour Organization Convention No.111, including the Protocol 1414 on forced labour, which Thailand became a part of in June. Therefore, the operation and potential development of related agencies under the project will be an essential foundation for ratification and implementation of other ILO conventions in the future.

The goal of today’s meeting was to approve the plans and activities for 2019 under the four operational strategies. This included the supervision of migration of workers in response to gender, increasing immigration opportunities that are correct by law, prevention of human trafficking in labour migration and improving information and services for the entire migration cycle. The participation in exchanging and expressing opinions of meeting participants from all sectors is vital to help the plan for 2019, ensuring the content is consistent, has a clear direction and can be used to achieve the objective of assisting female migrant workers to be protected and have better access various labour benefits

Source: Ministry of Labour

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