MOL Meets to Clarify Policies Following Inspector-Generals Government Inspection Plans for 2021

On February 8, 2021, at 09.00 hours, the Ministry of Labour’s Inspector-General Mr. Puma Thamakul, chaired the meeting to clarify details of policies according to the plan of the Ministry of Labour’s Inspector-General for 2021. The Ministry of Labour’s Inspector-Generals and the Inspector-General of the department/Social Security Office also joined the meeting at the Pakorn Angsusingh meeting room, 10th floor, Department of Skill Development. The meeting clarified the guidelines for inspections conducted by the Ministry of Labour’s Inspector-General and presented the Ministry of Labour’s Inspector-Generals’ performance report in the 2021 fiscal year for the meeting’s acknowledgment. The meeting also covered integrated government inspections for 2021 with the Inspector-Generals of the Prime Minister’s Office and relevant agencies in three issues, including the restoration of the quality of life of people after the Covid-19 outbreak, the overall management of water resources for communities in the agricultural sector and the promotion and professional development of the people from the provision of arable land for the community. The meeting further monitored four urgent and important policies of the Ministry of Labour, including employment promotion for the unemployed amid the Covid-19 crisis, improving labour skills to become a quality workforce, promotion of entering the standard Thai workforce system, and support for hiring new graduates by the public and private sectors. It also covered five important policies on the prevention and solution of human trafficking to become a Tier 1 country, to promote, protect, develop and create social security for informal workers, workforce management in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) and the Border Special Economic Development Zones (SEZ), the implementation of the Safety & Healthy Thailand and supporting the employment of elderly workers and workers with disabilities.

In addition, the meeting monitored the prevention of corruption and misconduct among the Ministry of Labour officials and budget expenditure for 2021. It also covered the supervision on Inspection of Thai Labour Office/Department in Foreign Countries, tracking the benefits of Thai workers abroad, follow-up of plans, projects, and activities as allocated by the Royal Decree granting the power of the Ministry of Finance to borrow money for economic and social recovery and rehabilitation from Covid-19 effects, and other missions assigned by the supervisor.

In the afternoon at 13.30 hours, there was a meeting to clarify the Ministry of Labour’s Inspector-General’s inspection guidelines for 2021 through a video conferencing system with the heads of government agencies under the Ministry of Labour in the region.


Source: Ministry of Labour


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