MOL Moves Forward with Anti-Human Trafficking Plans

The Ministry of Labour’s Inspector-General Mr. Soothi Sukosol spoke about the Thailand’s placement in Tier 2 of the TIP Report for the second consecutive year, after improving from Tier 3 in the previous year. He said that Labour Minister General Sirichai Distakul has emphasized human trafficking issues, where the ministry has organized an anti-human trafficking working team through collaboration with other units such as the military, policy, defense units and the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. The working team proactively inspects organizations and ensures officers perform their duties with integrity. Mr. Soothi said that both the government and Ministry of Labour are unmoved by the ranking, as clear policies will lead Thailand to eventually meet international standards, benefiting society, the economy and national security.

In addition to this, there has been news on the movement of migrant workers which must comply with the Foreign Worker Management Royal Decree, enacted on 23 June 2017. Mr. Soothi explained that the legislation, which was approved by the majority, would protect communal benefit. He explained that concerns regarding the hefty penalties were shared by the Ministry of Labour, which has formed methods for facilitating legal migration of workers; more details can be obtained from the Bangkok Employment Office Area 1-10 or all provincial employment offices.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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