MOL Reveals 4 Strategies on Occupational Obstacle Relief

Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour Mr. Anurak Tossarat chaired the workshop to improve efficiency on projects aimed to relieve occupational challenges for 2017, namely emergency employment and skills development activities. The workshop took place at the Tawana Hotel on Surawong road in Bangkok today (27 February 2017). In his speech he said, Occupational obstacle relief projects, formally known as emergency employment and skills development projects are efforts launched by the Ministry of Labour to help those in need. This includes the unemployed or those without an income as a result of natural hazards or economic crisis. The government has set 10 PM Agendas comprising strategies and policies for relevant units to drive implementation. The Ministry of Labour plays a role in 4 strategies. The first strategy comprises 2 goals which are the development of 500,000 people and employment and income for the senior population. The second strategy aims to enhance skills of 500,000 people within 5 years, whereas the third aims to develop people in 5 targeted industries totaling 200,000 people. The final strategy consists of 3 goals which are to increase the proportion of Section 40 insurers and members of the National Saving Funds, to resolve human-trafficking and illegal labour, boosting the nation beyond tier 2 in the watch list, and to extend protection and compensation to targeted groups.

The Ministry of Labour will adjust its ways of working to align with the governments directions in order to drive the nation forward. To ensure the happiness of the people, we must work together and put the peoples’ needs as the top priority and identify the best way of working. This will allow issues to be resolved in the most effective way and facilitate the best support possible within the given limitations and conditions, concluded the Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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