MOL Steering Committee Meets on “Model Health Organization Project to Raise the Workforce’s Quality of Life Sustainably No. 1/2021

On January 25, 2021, at 09.30 hours, Permanent Secretary of Labour Mr. Suthi Sukosol chaired the steering committee’s meeting on the “model health organization project to raise the workforce’s quality of life sustainably” no. 1/2021. The meeting took place at the Labour Relations Committee Working Group’s meeting room, ground floor, Ministry of Labour. The meeting presented the project progress summary report and the development of the quality of life for the Ministry of Labour personnel, consisting of 7 projects. It also presented issues for consideration, including the adjustment to work plans, activities promoting health within the organization following labour good health and safety guidelines for the workforce to have a good quality of life, and relevant agencies in the EEC Special Economic Zone.


Source: Ministry of Labour

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