MOL Subcommittee on the Secondary Law Enacted Under the Draft Social Security Act (2nd Committee) Meets for No. 2/2022

Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour, Mrs. Bubpha Phanpeng, joined the subcommittee meeting on the secondary law enacted under the draft Social Security Act (2nd Committee) No. 5/2022. The Social Security Office’s Deputy Secretary-General, Mr. Nanthachai Panyasurarit, chaired the meeting. The meeting considered the continuation of the draft ministerial regulation on the adoption of the right to old age pension under social security laws as collateral for loans B.E… (draft section 77 bis, paragraph five), the draft Ministry of Labour’s notification on prescribing rules, procedures, conditions and rates for claiming partial benefits for old age benefits (section 77 bis, paragraph four), and the draft ministerial regulations prescribing rules, methods, periods and rates of payment of old age benefits, B.E. … (draft section 77). The meeting took place at the Amphol Singhakowin Meeting Room, 6th Floor, Administration Building, Social Security Office.


Source: Ministry of Labour

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