Mug-throwing teacher faulted for minor disciplinary violation

The physical education teacher who threw a ceramic mug at a female student causing her face disfigurement has been found guilty of minor disciplinary violation � short of gross disciplinary violation.

Mr Chukiat Visetsena, director of 31st Office of Secondary Education Service, said Friday that the panel investigating the mug-throwing incident headed by Mr Samak Waikhunthod, director of Suranaree Witthaya school, had concluded that the teacher, 58-year old Mr Paithoon Klangkrathok, threw a coffee mug into a group of students and did not specifically aimed at the victim, 17-year Narudee Jodsanthia.

The probe committee, he said, heard testimonies from the victim’s classmates that the mug hit the frame of a window and bounced off, striking the victim’s head.

Chukiat said the panel found the teacher guilty for violating teacher’s law which amounted to minor disciplinary violation.

The findings, he added, will be forwarded to the director of Chokechai Samakkhi school, Mr Nipon Pakdeekaew, who will form a panel to consider disciplinary action against the teacher.

The penalties for disciplinary violation include probation, salary cut and salary downgrading.

The victim is now being treated at Yanhee hospital with the help of Ms Paveena Hongsakul and the hospital which agrees not to charge her medical expenses.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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