NLA to consider amending Monastic Act to bypass Sangha Supreme Council in supreme patriach’s nomination

Eighty-four members of the National Legislative Assembly have proposed amendments to B.E. 2505 Monastic Act seeking to bypass the Sangha Supreme Council in the process for the installation of the supreme patriarch.

Dr Jate Sirathranont, spokesman of the NLA whips, said that the amendments bill would seek to change wordings in Section 7 of the Monastic Act which state, in essence, that the prime minister, with the consent of the Sangha Supreme Council, nominates the highest-ranking Racha Khana monk to His Majesty the King to be installed as the new supreme patriarch.

Asked whether the amendments seek to bypass the role of the Sangha Supreme Council in the nomination of the successor to the supreme patriarch, Dr Jate said that, given the wordings in the amendments bill, the Sangha Supreme Council would have no role in the nomination process.

However, he said the issue was not conclusive yet as the NLA would have to consider the study of the committee on religion, arts and culture.

The bill is due to be debated in the NLA this coming Thursday.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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