Nok Air cancels free 15-kilo excess baggage weight for all promotion tickets

Nok Air has announced that it will cancel its excess 15-kilo free baggage weight on all promotion flights beginning February 20, but the 7-kilo carry-on baggage weight will remain free.

The cancellation of the free excess baggage weight will be for passengers purchasing promotion tickets on all domestic flights.

For the excess weight, Nok Air will charge 350 baht for the first 15-kilo baggage weight, and 1,400 baht for maxim weight of 40 kilos.

The airline said passenger must purchase the excess weight while booking the ticket, and confirmation of the ticket must be made at least 24 hours before travelling on the flight.

Carry-on baggage of 7-kilo remains free.

But for passengers who purchase Nok Eco and Nok Flexi tickets, excess baggage weight of 15 and 20 kilos will remain free.

The cancellation of free excess baggage weight on promotion tickets by Nok Air will now see Thai Lion Air becoming the only low cost airline that still gives 15-kilo free excess weight on promotion tickets.

At present, Air Asia is the only low cost airline that requires passengers to pay excess baggage weight at check-in counter at the rate of 300 baht for the first 15 kilos, and maximum weight allowable is 40 kilo.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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