Number of thalassemia patients reduced in Azerbaijan

Some 213 patients were initially diagnosed with thalassemia in Azerbaijan last year, according to a recent statistical report. The new statistics reveals that the number of thalassemia patients reduced in Azerbaijan as compared to previous years.

In 2010 there were 359 thalassemia patients, in 2011 510 patients, in 2012 482 patients and in 2014 � 530 patients in Azerbaijan. The number of children under 17 years with thalassemia has also declined. According to the report, 2,593 patients received medical treatment in Azerbaijan including 1617 children aged under 17.

A state program for the fight against thalassemia for 2015 – 2020 years in Azerbaijan aims to strengthen measures to prevent thalassemia, increase the decease awareness among the population and improve medical care to patients suffering from thalassemia.


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