One month given to ease traffic in Bangkok

Authorities in charge of traffic affairs in Bangkok were given one month to show progress in easing traffic congestion problem in the capital, Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan said Wednesday.

The deputy prime minister, on Wednesday, chaired a meeting to solve traffic problem in the city’s 21 main roads with agencies concerned which included the City Hall, Transport Ministry, Land Transport Department, Highways Department, Rural Highways Department, Harbour Department, Public Works Department and the Army.

The meeting agreed to address traffic woes in three stages: immediate stage, medium stage and long-term stage.

General Prawit said, as a matter of fact, that the Metropolitan Police Bureau, had already started taking actions to deal with traffic problem, resulting in some progress as manifested in less congestion in some areas. For instance, he said travelling from one place to another which used to take one hour, but will now take about 40 minutes.

The meeting also discussed the issue about many motorists not paying their traffic tickets. The deputy prime minister said a bill would be drafted to impose hefty fines on those who refuse to pay traffic tickets.

He voiced his disagreement with a petition of motorcyclists and samlor drivers for the government to lift the bank against them in the use of bridges and tunnels.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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